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You choose a domain, grant me access, and I set up your website with WordPress, either on my server or yours.


Watch the basic sets of videos to get an introduction to your site, and start designing right away!


Return to the videos any time to refresh your skills, view recent updates, and learn about new features!

Starter FAQ

Answers to the questions you should be asking.

What exactly are you offering?

There are several bundles available, so make sure you read carefully before purchasing one.

Website Set-up: Assuming you're starting from scratch, I will create a website, connect it to your domain, install WordPress, set up a few utility plugins, and activate Brizy Pro.

Brizy Pro License: If you've chosen a standard bundle, you'll receive a Brizy Pro license. My licenses are a little different from the ones you can get straight from Brizy - click here for more on that.

Hosting: One year of free web hosting is included when I set up your site. Hosting renews yearly, at the rate indicated on the pricing page. Prices for hosting may shift, but I will always inform you well before the renewal date, and give you options for migration.

Compass Rose Academy: This is where the real value lies: all bundles include access to a growing store of video tutorials that will teach you how to design your site, integrate popular plugins, and navigate your WordPress installation.

What aren't you offering?

Design Services: Unless we have a separate agreement, I won't be designing any of your site for you. That means I won't be making any pages for you. You'll receive an empty site, ready to be filled by you.

eCommerce Setup: You'll need to install your own eCommerce plugin, put in your own products, and set up your own payment methods. There will be videos to help with this in Compass Rose Academy.

Free Consulting: I can't be available to give opinions on your site or make recommendations for plugins or features (outside of what's in Compass Rose Academy videos), unless you purchase consulting time.

Custom Email: I don't currently offer custom email setup. I would encourage you to try out a service like GSuite.

Why do you use WordPress?

WordPress is the standard. It powers 35% of the internet. This has a few implications:

  • WordPress can do just about anything, with the right plugin. That means that you don't have to start over when your needs change.
  • WordPress isn't going anywhere soon. That means that you won't have to suddenly rebuild your site when the platform you used is discontinued.
  • WordPress is a familiar platform. That means that you can easily find people to hire that already have some WordPress skills.
Why do you use a pagebuilder?

Because WordPress is not that great.

I know, you were probably just reading those reasons that I think WordPress is great. And it is. But the editing experience? Not great.

Essentially, WordPress is hard to use. You can't customize things the way you want to, unless you know how to code a theme. It's not friendly.

With a pagebuilder, you can get BOTH the benefits of a drag-and-drop interface AND the benefits of WordPress as your foundational platform.

Why do you use Brizy as your pagebuilder?

Because it's my favorite.

Notice I didn't say "best." I'm not sure there is a "best" pagebuilder. Different ones have different strengths, and a lot of it comes down to your personal preference for editing layout.

I've found Brizy to be powerful and intuitive. My clients like it, and so do I.

Compass Rose Academy may branch out into other builders in future, but that will be a long time from now, if ever. Currently, all research and training is done by me (Anna), and I simply don't have the time as one person to keep up with the constant updates of every builder on the market.

Lastly, a disclaimer. You may notice I have some Brizy affiliate links on my site. Brizy didn't reach out to me for this - I reached out to them. Because I had already chosen them as the one I wanted to focus on. Even if they had no affiliate program available, I would still have based my training around them.

Are there going to be any surprise costs?

Maybe. But not from me.

Certain functionalities and plugins - I'm thinking especially of some eCommerce plugins - will come with a cost attached, usually a subscription fee for use of the software. If you're envisioning a certain type of site, make sure you research carefully to see what it will cost you.

Within Compass Rose Academy, I'm biased towards free plugins. If I recommend a "premium" plugin, I'll try to make that as clear as possible.

You're completely responsible for what you pay for and put on your site after I set it up. If you're not sure if you're doing the right thing, you can purchase consulting time and I'll be happy to talk it over with you.

Who owns my domain?

You may not have been asking this, but you should have been.

You may be surprised, when you purchase a bundle, that the first thing I do is ask you to purchase your domain name. "Why can't you do it for me?" you think to yourself.

If I were to purchase your domain, I would own it. And then, if I decided I didn't want to give it to you when you moved your website off my server, I wouldn't have to. I could hold it hostage. You would have to pay me whatever I demand, or register a new domain, losing your traffic and SEO rank in the process.

I wouldn't do that, obviously. But many agencies would, and do.

That's why you register your own domain. You will own your domain.

And then, you can give me access, and I do the rest. 🙂

More questions?

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